Multi-Piece Paintings

There are plenty of good artists that specialize in a certain genres such as impressionism, abstract, and other painting forms. It is really nice to see artists that think even further outside of the box in terms of creativity. Painting on a canvas is the traditional medium for most paint artists since canvas holds acrylic and latex paints so well. Famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and others largely popularized painting on canvas for many budding artists. However, not too many artists decide to combine smaller canvases together to create 1 cohesive painting.multi piece painting

Here we have a very nice painting of a tree in front of a sunset, and it is shaped like a traditional heart. What makes it special is that it is made up of four separate canvases combined to make one painting. This makes it geometrically pleasing to the eye and it would make a great focal point to any room when hung on the wall.

This artist specializes in these style of paintings as most of her work combines at least 2 canvases in her works. She also does single canvas pieces as well. You can find this painting and more work from this talented artist here in the Mega Market.

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Custom Barn Wood Wall Signs

Sometimes when it comes to adding something special to decorate your home it is the accessories that can make all the difference. Depending on the style of décor you have, you will want accessories that compliment the space on a whole. If you are going for a super modern clean and formal look with a lot of glass, clean-lined furniture, and a more neutral palate, then accessories with a punch of color can ground the space and add interest. If you have a more eclectic space with no strong coherent theme, then having something strong that stands out can balance things out.custom barn wood sign

Having a custom barn wood sign like the one in the picture can be the perfect accessory to make a space look complete. Since you can get them in the color or colors of your choosing and the wording of your choice, there are many distinct possibilities. It can be painted in such a way as to be a formal looking sign with minimal color and clean fonts, or with bright colors and less conservative fonts for a more country, or relaxed feel. They can be outfitted with hooks or towel holders to be useful in the kitchen or bathroom or just a sign with a saying to reflect a positive message in the space you hang it.

Whatever reason for the sign you want created, it is a personal choice and is meant to add something special to your home. You can get a custom sign like this made right here in the Mega Market.

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Hi Tech Spy Shades

If you are one of those people that love spy shows and movies then you are probably intrigued by the technology you see on those shows. Such things like camera cuff links, super small tracking devices, and pens that contain useful hidden technologies are the stuff of movie legend. The good news is that some of that technology is actually being produced and is available for the public.spy sunglasses

Take for instance the sunglasses in the picture. At a first glance they look like ordinary shades. If you pick them up and take a closer look you will notice a few differences. These shades have a few unique features that a regular pair does not have.

For starters these shades have the ability to record both audio and video. A SD slot can hold quite a bit of data these days and these shades have a micro SD slot within the frame. Audio and video recording is done via the small buttons on the side. No, these sunglasses may not shoot laser beams, have a remote detonator switch, or have the ability to project a hologram of the face of your choosing over your own face, but they are still cool. So now you can enact out secret spy missions while looking cool at the same time, and you can get a pair of your own at the Mega Market.

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Handmade Area Rugs

area rugSome crafts have been around for a long time and because of the quality still have appeal in our modern culture. Most of the time crafts that have survived for many decades or centuries do so because of their timeless quality, and the fact that people want to preserve the knowledge that comes with the craft. While some or many of these crafts are often replicated for mass production the quality sometimes misses the mark. There is also something special about products that have been hand made.

The area rug in the picture just happens to be one of those handmade crafts. It was made from recycled T-shirts as well, making good use out of something that would have just wound up being thrown away anyhow. With the “green products” movement that has been going on for the last 10+ years, it is not a bad thing to find a clever way to use ordinary items to make something attractive and useful as well.

This artist also makes other rugs using this method that come in multiple sizes for different applications such as table runners, or kitchen rugs, but also different colors for any occasion. This rug and her other wares can be found right here in the Mega Market.

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Eclectic Art

It is very common to walk into someone’s home and see artwork on the walls, on display on top of a fireplace mantle, or in other rooms and spaces. Most artwork seems to fit into the paradigm of what most people would consider “normal” which really means common. Sometimes however, it is nice to see something that stands out and isn’t quite as “normal” or common.eclectic art

The artwork in the picture is definitely not as common as other artwork pieces. From a distance you might think it is an old world painting, but once you get fairly close you see something else entirely. Within the golden ornate frame is a porcelain statue of a boy sitting on top of a second golden frame with a picture inside. It is truly three dimensional art work.

This piece is just one of many interesting pieces that this artist does. Some of the other pieces aren’t in frames and utilize other creative forms. Her creative style is unique and fun. Having a piece such as this in your home is guaranteed to invoke conversation and it looks good as well. This piece along with all the others can be found right here in the Mega Market.

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