Handmade Crochet and Stitched Goods

It is easy to find crochet and stitched goods in many stores. Depending on where you go you can find baby bibs, hand towels, and so forth at various prices. Sometimes you can find very similar items with similar quality at two completely different prices. Many times the big name brands are not better quality than the lesser known ones. Sometimes however, the cheaper items are much poorer quality so you need to be a little cautious when you shop.baby bibs and hand towels

Pictured are a selection of handmade baby bibs, towels, and microwave bowl pads. How many times have you pulled a hot bowl of oatmeal out of the microwave and burned your fingers? All of these items are made with careful detail and with a dedicated artisan doing the work.microwave bowl pads

The best thing about local goods made from artists that craft these kinds of things is that you are supporting small businesses. Small businesses are still the true backbone of the American economy and it makes sense to give your hard earned dollars to support them. Here at the Mega Market you can find all of these great crochet and stitched goods as well as other artisan crafts that you can enjoy for yourself.

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