Collectible Beer Cans

There are plenty of cool collectibles out there. Some people collect things that are pretty common such as stamps or baseball cards, but people can start a collection with most anything that has lasting appeal and it will be worth something the more time goes by.


Take for instance starting a beer can collection. Beer memorabilia is quite popular and you can see brand name clocks, lamps and more. The older an item is the more value it usually has so a vintage Miller or Schlitz lamp can be worth a fair amount of money.

This selection of beer cans in the pictures was started by a family many years ago and has grown to quite a large collection. There are cans that are decades old up to more recent cans. What many people don’t realize is that older cans were made with metals like tin and steel years before aluminum cans were invented. Imagine trying to crush a steel can the same way you would an aluminum one. Another feature that makes them collectible is that some brands were made from different brewers and you can see the difference on the cans if you look.

This collection is for sale here at the Mega Market.

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