Unique and Delicious Jams

In most peoples homes it is common to see jam or jelly as a condiment for toast, English muffins, and so on. Typically these products have brand names and come from local grocery stores and the flavors are usually quite common. Flavors such as strawberry, grape, and peach are the norm, but some more rare versions can be found as well. Flavors such as jalapeno and orange marmalade can be found in many stores as well.homemade jam

Pictured is a flavor of jam that I have never seen in any store. Carrot cake jam tastes just like you should expect it would… just like carrot cake, and yes it is delicious. It is also nice to know that they don’t include ingredients that you cannot pronounce since everything is all natural. The nice vendors that make this flavorful jam also happen to make other canned products as well including salsas. Folks have been making products like this for years and usually can only be found at place like farmers markets.

You won’t be able to experience great products such as this unless you venture away from the local grocery store. Here at the Mega Market you can get a jar of your own and meet the great folks that make it.

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