Multi-Piece Paintings

There are plenty of good artists that specialize in a certain genres such as impressionism, abstract, and other painting forms. It is really nice to see artists that think even further outside of the box in terms of creativity. Painting on a canvas is the traditional medium for most paint artists since canvas holds acrylic and latex paints so well. Famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and others largely popularized painting on canvas for many budding artists. However, not too many artists decide to combine smaller canvases together to create 1 cohesive painting.multi piece painting

Here we have a very nice painting of a tree in front of a sunset, and it is shaped like a traditional heart. What makes it special is that it is made up of four separate canvases combined to make one painting. This makes it geometrically pleasing to the eye and it would make a great focal point to any room when hung on the wall.

This artist specializes in these style of paintings as most of her work combines at least 2 canvases in her works. She also does single canvas pieces as well. You can find this painting and more work from this talented artist here in the Mega Market.

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