Hi Tech Spy Shades

If you are one of those people that love spy shows and movies then you are probably intrigued by the technology you see on those shows. Such things like camera cuff links, super small tracking devices, and pens that contain useful hidden technologies are the stuff of movie legend. The good news is that some of that technology is actually being produced and is available for the public.spy sunglasses

Take for instance the sunglasses in the picture. At a first glance they look like ordinary shades. If you pick them up and take a closer look you will notice a few differences. These shades have a few unique features that a regular pair does not have.

For starters these shades have the ability to record both audio and video. A SD slot can hold quite a bit of data these days and these shades have a micro SD slot within the frame. Audio and video recording is done via the small buttons on the side. No, these sunglasses may not shoot laser beams, have a remote detonator switch, or have the ability to project a hologram of the face of your choosing over your own face, but they are still cool. So now you can enact out secret spy missions while looking cool at the same time, and you can get a pair of your own at the Mega Market.

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