Handmade Area Rugs

area rugSome crafts have been around for a long time and because of the quality still have appeal in our modern culture. Most of the time crafts that have survived for many decades or centuries do so because of their timeless quality, and the fact that people want to preserve the knowledge that comes with the craft. While some or many of these crafts are often replicated for mass production the quality sometimes misses the mark. There is also something special about products that have been hand made.

The area rug in the picture just happens to be one of those handmade crafts. It was made from recycled T-shirts as well, making good use out of something that would have just wound up being thrown away anyhow. With the “green products” movement that has been going on for the last 10+ years, it is not a bad thing to find a clever way to use ordinary items to make something attractive and useful as well.

This artist also makes other rugs using this method that come in multiple sizes for different applications such as table runners, or kitchen rugs, but also different colors for any occasion. This rug and her other wares can be found right here in the Mega Market.

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