Eclectic Art

It is very common to walk into someone’s home and see artwork on the walls, on display on top of a fireplace mantle, or in other rooms and spaces. Most artwork seems to fit into the paradigm of what most people would consider “normal” which really means common. Sometimes however, it is nice to see something that stands out and isn’t quite as “normal” or common.eclectic art

The artwork in the picture is definitely not as common as other artwork pieces. From a distance you might think it is an old world painting, but once you get fairly close you see something else entirely. Within the golden ornate frame is a porcelain statue of a boy sitting on top of a second golden frame with a picture inside. It is truly three dimensional art work.

This piece is just one of many interesting pieces that this artist does. Some of the other pieces aren’t in frames and utilize other creative forms. Her creative style is unique and fun. Having a piece such as this in your home is guaranteed to invoke conversation and it looks good as well. This piece along with all the others can be found right here in the Mega Market.

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