Medieval Helmets

There are a surprising number of people that collect medieval weaponry and armor these days. The elegance and style of that era is still popular and you can visit annual renaissance fairs around the country and see people dressed up in that style of clothing, armor and weaponry. There are also a surprising number of people that still make these items from that era. Most of these items originate from Europe, and the medieval or Middle Ages started in the 5th century and lasted until the 15th century.medieval helmet

Pictured is a helmet which is made from high carbon steel. A helmet such as this would be efficient for deflecting the blows from a sword, axe, or an arrow. A good helmet does not give 100 percent protection though as there are still a few vulnerabilities left such as the eye sockets, and the fact that a hard enough blow from a sharp sword or hammer can still render the wearer unconscious or worse. An archer with impeccable aim might also be able to hit the eye as well.

This is a fun piece shaped like a skull and could be placed on display, worn to enact out your medieval fantasies, or you could wear it to see how much stuff you can head butt without knocking yourself out. It can be purchased here at the Mega Market for whatever reason you desire.

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