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Handmade Crochet and Stitched Goods

It is easy to find crochet and stitched goods in many stores. Depending on where you go you can find baby bibs, hand towels, and so forth at various prices. Sometimes you can find very similar items with similar quality … Continue reading

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Fun Without Electricity

There are several cool things that you can shop for when you are out with your family or just looking for something fun to do. In the technology driven society that we now live in it is easy to forget … Continue reading

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Collectible Beer Cans

There are plenty of cool collectibles out there. Some people collect things that are pretty common such as stamps or baseball cards, but people can start a collection with most anything that has lasting appeal and it will be worth … Continue reading

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Unique and Delicious Jams

In most peoples homes it is common to see jam or jelly as a condiment for toast, English muffins, and so on. Typically these products have brand names and come from local grocery stores and the flavors are usually quite … Continue reading

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Multi-Piece Paintings

There are plenty of good artists that specialize in a certain genres such as impressionism, abstract, and other painting forms. It is really nice to see artists that think even further outside of the box in terms of creativity. Painting … Continue reading

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